Wednesday, June 24, 2009

TRANSFORMATION: Remembering Connection

So I have accepted a long-term temporary assignment that lasts 10 weeks and returned to the corporate world. It was a difficult decision to make – going back into the “9 to 5” world – but one that I knew was the right direction as I continue to transform my life.

There is a faint familiarity about where I find myself at this juncture in my life. It is similar to when I first arrived in New York almost nine years ago and I felt fearless and fully connected to my life path. At that time I worked as a temp, with the clear understanding that it was paying the bills and allowing me to continue to develop my soul-filled life. Somewhere along the way I lost sight of my spiritual journey, of the lifestyle where I was flourishing, and ended up being…lost.

But I remember how it felt when I first arrived in NY. I remember how life magically unfolded before me – a place to stay until I could find an apartment, starting a job 3 days after I arrived, finding an apartment that same week and moving in within 2 weeks. It had all been mysteriously effortless, and worry-free because I had listened to my intuition and was actively living my soul purpose.

This is what I had lost my connection to these past 2-3 years. It wasn’t any one thing, and it wasn’t overnight, it was slowly, gradually over time I simply lost my way.

This connection is what I have been slowly re-establishing these past 6 months, and although my impatient procrastinator feels that now I’ve worked out where I’m heading and what steps I need to take, it should already be so, there is a strong Zen personality that understands that I am establishing a more spiritually sound foundation to support my dreams going forward – and that has its own timing.

This time I am fully conscious of the elements that lulled me into complacency, but more importantly, I am fully conscious of the importance of staying mindful and appreciating that this transformation can be effortless.

I can see how my choices have led me back to this point. How going off path has taught me more about the importance of honoring and living my life intuitively than perhaps if I had continued blissfully without stumbling. These lessons have yet to bear tangible results, but I know intuitively they are simply waiting for linear time to catch-up and allow them to manifest. I know that familiar cycles I have lived 3, 4, 8 times over are no longer a part of my life going forward. My choices, how I am living my life now, has made them obsolete.

I am quietly creating, building, attracting my dreams and desires into reality. I am learning to patiently hold them carefully in my keeping and wait to share them all with my friends and family as they come to fruition.

My transformation has begun.

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