Wednesday, April 8, 2009

TRANSITION: Intuition – logical, illogical or both?

Its been an interesting week – blissful moments of quiet and inner peace and yet outwardly my life situation hasn’t changed. Small signs from the Universe have reminded me that what and where you focus your attention is drawn to you, and my faith has strengthened.

I have made decisions that have been completely based on my intuition and supported by my faith. Some of these decisions go completely against my cerebral logic and reason, and yet the internal calm remains present, the ‘rightness’ apparent. The key now is to stay connected to that feeling, that state of being and avoid connecting to the sense of anxiety.

It is also essential to stay in this calm place for my own sense of health and well-being. The ego voice of reason and practicality has the capacity to send me into a panic and create levels of stress, and distress. It would be disrespectful and detrimental to ignore this physical and mental state of being, should I find myself drawn to this alternate, and I would need to choose differently in order to alleviate the pressure.

I have not reached that point at this time.

What has been fascinating to explore is the concept that decisions guided by intuition traditionally don’t follow logic and reason, and yet those decisions are (in my experience) the ones that end up making the most sense. So in some way, listening to your intuition and acting on that guidance would seem to be completely reasonable. To disregard such authentic information, that can potentially guide you in the right direction seems illogical.

And yet so often the information defies what we already know, it defies what we know to be logical.

But we all do it. We all ignore our intuition, our gut instinct or sixth sense. We second-guess ourselves and often over think decisions, losing our first “intuition” and going with something that usually ends with the comment, “I should have gone with my first thought”.

Right now I don’t have any physical proof of my certainty. No track record logic to back-up my decisions. All I have is my intuition telling me that I have made the right decisions, and the presence of that same internal calm, in spite of the outward conditions that surround me.

Logic tells me that I can’t possibly know, and yet I do. Following my intuition is logical and that is what I will continue to do. To listen, to believe and to have faith…and to let go.

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